How e-commerce cloud providers can protect customer data

How e-commerce cloud providers can protect customer data

E-commerce cloud providers are looking for ways to protect customer data

Why is customer Data so important

Customer data is one of the main drivers of the e-commerce sector. This means that this data has to be protected by e-commerce hosting companies at all means. Data has been sold by hackers on the dark net. It is used to steal customer’s identity. The cloud providers use the e-commerce data to market material.
E-commerce cloud data is also used to keep customer’s information encrypted. The whole idea of encrypting customer data is to prevent it from falling in the wrong hands.

Finding legal loopholes

Under a new federal law that was enacted in March, United States based providers of e-commerce resources such as cloud services must surrender foreign-held information to law enforcement agencies such as the federal bureau. This law has been in effect since march 2018. A lot of cloud based providers have showed strong resistance to the new law as it violates customer’s privacy. This will damage the company’s reputation and lead to the loss of international customers who will no longer trust the company’s services.

How e-commerce cloud providers can protect customer’s information

From hackers e-commerce cloud providers can encrypt data. This means that the computer that encrypted the data is the only computer that can decrypt it. This makes it impossible for e-commerce data theft to occur. From a legal perspective the only thing that these data companies can do is to look for legal loopholes that allows them to protect customer’s data. Customer’s data is very important in protecting customer’s confidential information. This means that the e-commerce cloud providing companies have a big role to play. The best way to protect this data is to prevent data mining software from accessing customer’s data.