How our E-commerce experience is influenced by Big Data?

How our E-commerce experience is influenced by Big Data?

How our E-commerce experience is influenced by Big Data?

When we think of big data and the different ways retailers and marketers use it, we feel uncomfortable and creepy. For example, you all have experience where you searched for a subject on Google and for the rest of the week you were bombarded with ads on that subject. This is creepy and feels like somebody is spying on you.
However, that is not true always. The big data collected on people present on internet is not for some evil purpose. If we talk about e-commerce, the data is collected to help you find the things you need on the internet more easily and more effectively.
There are several advantages of big data in e-commerce. Some of those non-creepy advantages are described below,
Big Data help in Personalization
If you are not an active shopper, having several targeted add pop up here and there while you are surfing the internet can be quite nagging. But, if you shop frequently that having as much data as possible on you can be beneficial for e-commerce as it come up with more personalized search results by analyzing your habits and interests. When customers easily find something they need, they are happy which tunes in with the sites interest too.
Of course, there is a possibility that what the e-commerce site shows you is not always what you want to see. It’s harder to find the best match if the data is vague or not enough but if the algorithm is well-tuned with enough data points than there it is mostly accurate. Big data algorithm that provides you with targeted results can save you time and effort of scrolling countlessly through an e-commerce site. Amazon is first on the list when it comes to products’ recommendation using big data. One of Amazon’s most effective and used feature is “customer who bought this item also bought” has been highly appreciated by customers for a long time.

Product Evaluation

Nearly every e-commerce site be it Amazon, Zappos or any other site ask their customers for a detailed feedback on their purchase. There are much reason the e-commerce site encourage customers for a feedback it maybe because they want to know how satisfied the customer was sometimes because of the review if its 5 stars or 4 stars look good on their website. And, its more than that, the customer leave the review to tell the shoppers benefits or drawbacks of any specific products that help the shoppers improve their product quality etc.
The hundreds or thousands of reviews are collected and analyzed to find the overall rating and customers’ satisfaction with the website. This is also a form of big data. When it comes to users reviews, the more the review and bigger the data, the better it is. A single 5-star might be an accident but dozens could indicate that a product is doing well in term so quality and that the customers are satisfied with the product and vice versa. Using the big data to find the overall ratings of the website can help you differentiate the good products from the bad products which otherwise you wouldn’t be able to do.

Cutting down Spending

The prices of different items like clothes, electronic, childcare item, kitchen supplies , or anything you can think of are much low online,  which tells us that e-commerce is a great way to save your money. Even the wait for receiving your item has been cut down significantly. For example, Amazon Prime guarantees delivery on your product within 2 days.
We all know how difficult it is to go through dozens of different website d to find the best deal and discount on products, it is both confusing and time-consuming but Big data can do them for you and help you find opportunities for savings. One of the tips would be to use Honey. Honey is a chrome app and has millions of users which it provides access to deals and discounts by collecting information from the different web.

The More information you put in, the Better results you get

Well, the formula is quite simple the more information you provide for the big data analysis the better your e-commerce experience will be with sites and they will be able to serve you according to your wants and needs. You cannot experience that from a brick and mortar store and that’s why they are lagging behind.