Is Your E-commerce Business Ready?

Is Your E-commerce Business Ready?

Is Your Ecommerce Business Ready? Changes to PCI Compliance are coming June 30

In 2015, the Payment Card Industry (PCI) refreshed their measures for scrambling on the web and web based business exchanges. For a considerable length of time the SSL and TLS 1.0 conventions were sufficient, however as programmers have gotten savvier the business has been compelled to adjust. Keeping that in mind, organizations handling installments online must progress to TLS 1.1 encryption or better by June 30, 2018 or hazard losing their capacity to assume acknowledgment card installments.

You might scratch your head pondering what this means. Here is a quick break for you. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) have for quite some time been the cryptographic conventions used to anchor discussions between two frameworks (i.e. the web server and internet browser – Chrome, Safari, IE, and so on.). In layman terms, SSL and TLS scramble the charge card and client data go between the server and program to keep it secure and private. SSL has not been viewed as secure starting at 2014. TLS was release in 1999 and has replaced SSL as the standard for encrypting data sent across the web.
What can you do to prepare your ecommerce website for the change? So now that you know the history, unfortunately, its answer isn’t simple. When migrating to TLS 1.1, or the preferred TLS 1.2, following are the things to take into consideration:

  • Make it clear that the server which is hosted is compatible with this new protocol. Like, for Microsoft Windows-hosted websites or web apps, anything older than Windows Server 2008 will not support TLS 1.1 and 1.2. Windows Server 2012 is best as it is likely to support future PCI standards longer requiring less updates on your part.
  • Ensure servers do not have the ability to fall back/ default to SSL or TLS 1.0. It’s not always a guarantee this won’t happen once you migrate, so you and your IT department need to be thorough and diligent.
  • Have a talk with your customers. It’s possible that everyone don’t have the most up to date operating system on their computer. The older operating systems may not be able to access or connect to your site after June 30.  Send an email and let them know that you have updated the most up to date data encryption standards, you are telling your customers that you take their security seriously as well as let them know why they may not be able to see your site if they are still on a Windows XP, or older, machine.
  • With June 30 quickly drawing nearer, time is of the essence to begin moving to TSL 1.1 or 1.2. On the off chance that you haven’t as of now, connect with your website admin or web engineer to talk about the means expected to get your online installments consistent before the due date.

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