Keep your customers loyal to 5 E-Commerce Trends

Keep your customers loyal to 5 E-Commerce Trends

Keep your customers loyal to you this summer using these 5 E-Commerce Trends

Connect with your customers this season through hot trends like micro-marketing, chatbots, mobile marketing and many more
In order to keep a sustainable business growth and stay ahead of the competition a strong knowledge of e-commerce strategies, technologies and new trends is very important. And if you have an-ecommerce Company, it is a vital part of your everyday life to lookout for hot e-commerce trends to make your business successful.
It doesn’t matter if you are an online store or Saas business, you need different marketing strategies at different time of the year to serve your customers and keep them satisfies. As the current season we have is summer and as summer means more outdoor activities you have to increase the handwork and effort to keep and maintain your customers’ attention.
Here I present to you some of the current ecommerce trends to up your marketing game and business growth this summer:

Micro-influencer marketing getting popularity in e-commerce

It’s a normal behavior that if you are news to a product, you automatically are more hesitant to spend money on it. And direct marketing doesn’t work in this case. Especially, millennial are more skeptical and don’t trust a new product by just reading about its benefits. It is important to show the usefulness to that product to them and that is why marketing using influencers do marvels.
Medium did a poll according to which, 30% of the consumers buy a product if it is suggested by a blogger and they actually give more importance to the recommendation of a blogger than a celebrity.
It is a very hot trend in ecommerce marketing to invest in these bloggers or micro-influencers for the marketing of your product. Also it is less costly and more effective than celebrity endorsement or the boring and traditional online marketing strategies.
One TIP is, in order to promote your product this season, start collaborating with these micro-influencers.

Up your conversation game using Email marketing

Email marketing is the best alternative, when it comes to drive conversations. Make use of that huge list of emails for the purpose of effective ecommerce to gain profit for your business.
Email marketing is very powerful and conversion rates through it are almost twice than any other social media forum combined. This is huge. Also, in a Search Engine Journal recent survey it was shown that 66% of the purchased has been on the basis of email marketing.
A Tip will be to offer sales and discount, product catalog and provide special promotions to your existing customers. Target potential customers through activities for example, seasonal email marketing campaigns.
Target customers with mobile friendly ads
Talking about summers, it’s the time of the year when people prefer doing outdoor activities which means taking more selfies and uploading of social media sites like SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook etc.
Purchases done through social media sites are on the rise with Facebook leading the way in terms of social commerce. Marketing Week released a statistic which shows the 33% of the people, age from 18-24; prefer buying product straight away form Facebook.
Tip: Use Facebook Ads campaign to target customers this season and use social media promotion more intensively by doubling the efforts.
Voice search is an in thing among customers
More and more households are being equipped by devices that are powered by virtual assistance like Google Home. So, in order to enhance your website and improve your product pages building a strong SEO strategy that optimized voice research is very important.
According to ComCore by 2020, almost 50% of all the searches will be voice based searches. Another research by SmartAudio 16% of Americans already has a voice-activated speaker enabled on their cell phones.
A TIP will be to, convert keywords to phrases in order to target queries and search through voice. Optimize your website for voice searches to target customers who are more comfortable with it.
Customer service using bots is much better
A good customer service is the key to growing your business and it shouldn’t be just limited to very busy time of the year but throughout the year. You should be very careful not to delay a response to your customer because this can cause loss of revenue and sales of your business.
At a very low cost Chatbots provide an effective 24/7 response to the customers. So, using chatbots can be your best bet to enhance your customer service? Irrespective of some old believes bots actually provide way better service as compared to human customer-service.
Survey by the blog Invesp shows that according to 40% of customers didn’t care whether the customer service was provided using chatbots or human, as long as they were helped they were satisfied. If you are a business, 80% of your customer engagement can be handled by using bot.
Tip: keep in mind you can provide a better customer service with minimal cost using chatbots.
Don’t forget providing a best customer experience should be your top priority.
Promote your product this summer keeping in mind the warmth and happiness of the season. Be creative with your campaigns and use the benefit of summer holidays and other celebration and target customers using promotional campaigns.