Key Marketing Trends For B2C Companies In 2019

The best e-commerce marketing practices

Key Marketing Trends For B2C Companies In 2019

If you operate an online business-to-consumer (B2C) operation, it’s imperative that you stay ahead of the key marketing trends. When launching my private aviation digital media company, I had to quickly learn how to create engaging content geared toward the right buying audience: millennials. Baby boomers traditionally lead the business aviation industry. My job is to bridge the gap between these two generations. Based on my marketing experiences, below I’ve provided four key marketing trends to help you improve B2C engagement. 

Create Engaging Content For Mobile Devices

Whatever type of content you are putting out on the internet needs to grab the reader’s attention instantly. All it takes is a ping alert and their attention is directed elsewhere. So whatever your content is about, it needs to be engaging enough to retain readers. 

How can you achieve this in a world of ongoing digital information?

Change Your Focus

Many online marketers develop a strategy that focuses on making the product and or service appealing. While it’s important to have a good product, it doesn’t do any good if you don’t have an audience to sell it to.

Know Your Audience

Conduct a thorough analysis of the type of consumer you are trying to reach. The following is the best way to generalize your audience into one customer.
1 Are they male or female?
2What is the age range? 
3 Is the person married?
4Does he or she have children?
Most importantly, can your product or service solve a problem that he or she might have?
Regardless of your target audience, if you plan to be in business for decades to come, then you will eventually need to start communicating with the younger generation. The sooner you start directing your marketing strategies toward this audience, the better chance you’ll have of securing an entirely new generation of customers. 
Appeal To Your Audience’s Buying Preferences
Once you have established a general customer profile that represents your target audience, the next step is to create the type of content that will appeal to them. This step is easier than you think.
Online buyers have short attention spans. They want their information fast and to purchase a service and/or product even faster. Making content more mobile friendly is key to increasing online conversions. It’s all about making the content easily accessible to readers in a format that’s structured for them to take action swiftly.
After building our company website, we had to make sure that the content looked good on other mobile devices. We found that the website appeared differently, so we had to make adjustments to create a site that’s more user-friendly for clients to navigate.
How Service-Oriented Businesses Can Benefit From These Key Trends
Businesses that are more service-oriented can also appeal to a customer’s buying preference. The same e-commerce marketing strategies also apply to a highly consultative business
Changing your focus and doing the research to better understand your audience so that you can appeal to them is going to make all the difference in how successful your online marketing campaigns will be for 2019 and for years to come.