L2 Digital IQ Index: Top Auto Brands in Digital 2018

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L2 Inc.’s “Digital IQ Index” on the auto industry. Go checkout and follow their YouTube channel at: https://www.youtube.com/user/l2thinktank/featured


With a projected decline in automotive sales and market regulations hampering the progress of direct ecommerce, US auto manufacturers need to forge new routes to avoid the market slowdown. In lieu of online sales, most automakers have invested in making brand sites’ information hubs with streamlined handoff to local dealerships. While brands have down shifted the implementation of car comparison tools on-site. Other content investments, including videos and interior previews on vehicle information pages, have seen growth year-on-year providing necessary information for car shoppers. Meanwhile, handoff to local dealerships from inventory pages has seen a double-digit increase among index brands, easing the path to purchase while allowing brands to capture valuable information about user preferences. But more than 60% of traffic to automotive company sites originated from mobile devices in 2017. and brands are responding to the shift towards a small screen with continued investments in their mobile site experiences with a focus on navigation improvements. Although design-heavy tools can lead to lagging load times, best-in-class brands like Volvo and Porsche have been able to strike the perfect balance between mobile, sophistication and speed. In the 2018 l2 digital IQ index, Auto, Ford pulls into the top spot for the second year in a row. The brand rides high on the success of its highly rated Ford Pass app and a personalized homepage that optimizes the site experience based on the visitor’s past browsing behavior. The 2018 digital IQ index, Auto, benchmarks the digital performance of 43 auto brands operating in the US. For these and more insights, visit L2inc.com.