L2 Digital IQ Index: Top Big Box Retail Brands in Digital 2017

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L2 Digital IQ Index: Top Big Box Retail Brands in Digital 2017

Just as the first big box brands disrupted independent retailers in the 1960s, Amazon is disrupting big box players today. But digital investments are giving retailers a chance to fight back.

While Amazon excels in unbranded search visibility across paid and organic results, Walmart commands the highest share of PLA search results, thanks to their acquisition of Jet.com. And as voice continues to grow, as a channel for online ordering, more than a quarter of big box retailers are competing against Amazon’s Alexa, by partnering with Google for voice space shopping visibility on Google home devices.

Big box retailers are also responding with efforts focused on personalization. 72% of brands with physical stores allow customers to save their local store to their online account, and half of index brands send targeted product recommendation emails.

Mobile is proving to be an opportunity to drive foot traffic to stores. 80% of brands with brick and mortar locations offer geolocation from their mobile sites, and two thirds show in-store product availability.

As top big box retailers’ e-commerce sales grow, digital efforts are proving to have an impact on the competition, though Amazon remains a formidable competitor, making a grand entrance, landing at the top spot in this year’s Digital IQ Index – Big box.

The retail behemoth leads organic visibility against more than 60% of unbranded searches, and provides unmatched same-day delivery capabilities, through its Prime Now app. The brand also capitalizes on the growing importance of voice space search, through Alexa-enabled ordering.

The Home Depot follows, in second place, boasting a best-in-class site experience, including tailored bundling options, and product comparison tools on product display pages and grid pages, as well as store inventory and mapping functionality, through their mobile app.

L2’s fourth annual Digital IQ Index – Big box, benchmarks the performance of 58 big box retailers.

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