Learn The New Rules of Digital Marketing NEW YORK, United States

Learn The New Rules of Digital Marketing NEW YORK, United States

Learn The New Rules of Digital Marketing
NEW YORK, United States

For the last 10-years, digital communication system has changed marketing beyond expectations. However, fashion is still very slow in using new ways to reach its customers. That is why Bof and Paper Communications’ Drew Elliot to make an online Bof education course.
This is a course regarding success in digital marketing today and this is open for all those who want to get success in communications and marketing.
Eliott has succeeded from an intern in Paper communication to a co- owner and creative director of the prestigious New york Publishing and Marketing Company. Eliott is the man fashion industry is looking for inspiration and innovation in digital marketing.
Eliott has brought a distinctive mixture of experiential, editorial, and digital experience to his work. With his great range of experience,  Eliott shares his formula of ‘’math plus magic’’ means that he has combined creativity and analytics for engaging audience and  potential virality. Moreover, Eliott also shares ideas from his BreakTheInternet campaign with Kim Kardashian in a case study describing his four step model to manage content production which is SPAM: Strategy, Production, Application, and Management.

What you will learn from this course?

In this course, one would learn about all those things such as tools. Platforms, teams, and the talent,  that make up a successful digital marketing strategy. The three main important things are that

First one is that digital is everything.
Digital ways are now completely replacing the traditional ways of communication.

The second one is the math plus magic. The math side is the analytics and includes all those things that are related with segmentation of the audience.
Whereas the magic side deals with the content meaning it is related to the creation of the images, videos, and other things that appeal the audience.
The third one is related to entertainment meaning that brands need to be entertaining.

What defines your approach to digital marketing today

 My approach began when I gathered all those things that I knew such as publishing, the full fantasy, the editorial and the pictures. Now the question here is how to change things into events? I completely understand how to work with big brands and bring about sponsorship. And then comes the social media and digital site that how to make your content reach a great variety of people out there. To be a content writer means you put ten pieces and expect one to be a success and that one success can be really huge.