M-commerce and e-commerce

Although e-commerce is still the dominant for of electronic commerce mobile commerce has been steadily on the rise. There is not much difference between e-commerce and m-commerce. M-commerce is a term used for transactions conducted electronically by a phone. E-commerce on the other hand are simple transactions conducted over the internet. This means that m-commerce is a subcategory of e-commerce. For transactions to be called m-commerce they need to be completed over a mobile device such as a phone. Although m-commerce is still a relatively new mode of commerce it is fast catching up to e-commerce. This is mainly due to the large number of mobile phone users. Most businesses have noticed that they are many cell phone users and therefore they have decided to create e-commerce stores which are specifically for mobile phones.  

Why m-commerce has grown so fast

Mobile phones have become part of our daily lives for almost everything. They have been integrated with hardware such as cameras, sensors, audio jacks, and screens. This has made the smartphone the ultimate day to day device. Most people nowadays use smartphone more than they use personal computers. This has triggered what analysts have called the smartphone revolution. Smartphones have become a part of human life to the extent that m-commerce has been triggered. M-commerce has certain advantages over regular e-commerce. In the United States m-commerce is going to overtake e-commerce before the year 2025. This means as a business owner it is important to create a mobile version of your store.

The advantages of m-commerce over e-commerce

M-commerce has plenty of advantages over e-commerce for both the business owner and the customer. First of all mobile phones have more users than personal computers. This means that if you have a mobile store you are most likely going to have an easy time marketing your business.