Machine learning in e-commerce

Machine learning in e-commerce
Machine learning

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are not the same although nowadays the terms are now being used interchangeably. The whole idea of having a successful machine learning program is to be able to make computers take certain actions without being programmed to do so. This is why machine learning is so important. It is assumed that the capacity for a computer or a machine to grasp certain complex task is the level and the difficulty of machine learning. The whole idea of machine learning was brought about by computer scientists and engineers when they decided to create a unique application that will give machines the ability to learn from their mistakes. Now a number of large tech companies have actually entered the machine learning race. Artificial Intelligence is believed to have a lot of applications ranging from military to civilian life.

Is machine learning good for humanity?

There is a huge argument going on around the world about whether or not AI is good for humanity. The problem that a lot of ethics philosophers have cited is the fact that machines do not have the human ability of emotions and sympathy. This makes machine learning a dangerous field to venture in. Some have stated the obvious idea that machine learning technology can be used by militaries around the world to a devastating effect. This is the bad part of machine learning. Killer robots is a documentary that has been developed to show the dangers of machine learning. If artificial intelligence overtake human ability humanity is at risk of extinction.

Machine learning benefits in e-commerce

AI comes with a lot of benefits to e-commerce. The fact that a machine has the ability to tell the right thing helps in fraud prevention. If a machine can detect problems with the payment method it can reject it and prevent fraud.