Microsoft making a comeback


Why Microsoft is making a comeback

Microsoft is making a comeback. After tech stocks took a huge tumble Microsoft emerged as the largest tech company by market capitalization. This is mainly due to its web services that have made huge revenues and profits for the company. The company has also introduced a huge product line up that makes it a more diverse tech company. This gives it an edge against its tech rivalry.  

Microsoft has become one of the most desired stocks in the tech sector. This is mainly due to the number of years that the company has been in operation. With new leadership, the company seems poised for stardom. Although many investors have been hoping that Google or Amazon is the next king of tech. Microsoft has proven that it actually has a few tricks up its sleeve. The product line of computers and tablets that have become common in the business sector have actually propelled the earnings of the company. It now has the power to compete with large companies such as Apple.

Microsoft cloud-based services

Of all Microsoft services, its cloud-based services are one of the most profitable. This has actually helped Microsoft in terms of its image among investors. Investors now believe that Microsoft has a new look, therefore, it can actually project its global influence around the world. Having new services and products that actually are on demand is a good way to make huge profits. Having fresh leadership that has new ideas is a good way to start making a lot of earnings as far as business is concerned
E-commerce businesses may now use Microsoft’s huge cloud-based services instead of using cloud-based services that are owned by a competitor such as Amazon. This will actually ensure that Amazon does not steal or access any of your data and information.