New Rumors of Magento 1 Support Ending November 2018 Appear False

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New Rumors of Magento 1 Support Ending November 2018 Appear False

We got a few messages today about gossip flowing around the Internet that Magento is finishing its help for all Magento 1.x forms in November (2018).
We have discovered no proof by any respectable source that would affirm that gossip.
Indeed, Magento itself in the current Magento 1.x Enterprise release membership assertion particularly says that help will be given until June 2020.
While this membership assertion is for the Enterprise version, the most recent network releases for Magento 1 depend on a similar center code.

Why stop giving security updates to network releases in the event that they are in a general sense a similar refresh? The client backfire would be excessively extraordinary.
Note that when Magento Commerce discharged Magento 2, they never guaranteed new highlights would be produced for Magento 1.x.
From the primary last item arrival of Magento 2, it was truly certain that the center Magento 1.x item would never again be produced to incorporate new highlights and capacities.

Rumor Based on Original Magento 2 Announcements?

It is likely that the new talk of Magento 1.x help finishing off with November depends on the first declaration by Magento Commerce for Magento 2 of every 2017.
Around then the organization said Magento 1.x rendition support would stop in November 2018, denoting that the EOL (End-Of-Life) of all Magento 1.x releases.
The organization later dropped that EOL declaration for Magento 1.x and supplanted it with an 18-month warning approach.
We don’t know that such a notice has really been issued and the main known help end dates are those in the Enterprise membership assertion, which as of the composition of this article, are past the 18-month notice window.

No Reason to Panic

As we approach the 2018 Christmas season, there is no motivation to freeze for Magento 1.x clients of either the Enterprise or Community releases.
Everything will proceed to work and without a formal EOL declaration by Magento for Magento 1.x, store proprietors can tranquility experience this Christmas season before thinking about their alternatives in 2019 or past.