New supplier

New supplier

How to start dealing with a new supplier who doesn’t have sales or reviews

It can be quite a challenging task when starting to deal with a new supplier who doesn’t have any previous sales or reviews you can look at. Even if they are selling an awesome product that you can buy for e-commerce retailing it can be quite difficult to trust them. You will need to develop an amazing product sourcing strategy in order to be successful in sourcing products to sell online. First you will need to get your hands on a list of vendors that you think might be the best for your product niche. A question is where you can acquire a list of these vendors. Vendors are usually acquired from the manufacturer. You can first search a list of manufacturers for the exact product that you want to sell. The manufacturer will be happy enough to provide you with a list of suppliers.  If you find a supplier with no previous sales or reviews you will need to conduct a verification method of your own.

First have a face to face verification with the new supplier

If it is possible it is important to have a face to face verification with the new supplier. This will allow you to ask the supplier certain questions that you couldn’t ask online. If the supplier is legit they will make sure they invite you to their business premises. This will ensure that you are dealing with the right person and not being scammed out of your hard earned money.

Make a research about a new supplier

It is very hard to get a lot of information about a new supplier. This means that the best you can rely on is your instincts. However this does not mean you can’t search the internet and use the supplier’s details to find out about their previous dealings.