NYC Commission on Human Rights Bureaus

NYC Commission on Human Rights Protects NYC

The NYC Commission on Human Rights enforces the Human Rights Law, Title 8 of the Administrative Code of NYC. It is also responsible for educating and strengthening the NYC community. Additionally, the Commission is made up of 2 departments–Community Relations and Law Enforcement. The following will explore what the Community Relations and Law Enforcement Bureaus do:

NYC Commission Law Enforcement Bureau
NYC Commission Protects NYC
NYC Commission on Human Rights protects the public.

The Law Enforcement Bureau (LEB) is responsible for the intake as well as investigation of any New York City Human Rights Law violations. They also prosecute any complaints about discrimination. People can come to the LEB with complaints in three ways:

  1. People can file a complaint with LEB about a violation.
  2. A lawyer can file a complaint for a client.
  3. Elected officials, organizations or service providers may bring patterns of discrimination to the LEB’s attention. The LEB can then start its own investigation.
NYC Commission on Human Rights Community Relations Bureau

The Community Relations Bureau (CRB) teaches people about the Human Rights Law. It also spreads awareness throughout NYC with borough-based Community Service Centers and outreach programs. The many services of CRB’s field operation make up its Neighborhood Rights Program (NHRP).

The CRB works locally with tenant and block groups. They also work with educational, community, business and religious groups. Furthermore, the CRB is responsible for educating people about the protections they have under the NYC Human Rights Law. They are also responsible for improving communities and investigating disability access complaints. Finally, the CRB links people with the Commission’s law enforcement and other NYC services.

The CRB has numerous anti-discrimination and educational programs in all 5 boroughs of NY. Some of their programs include:

  • – Bias Response
  • – Fair Housing and Mortgage Counseling
  • – Equal Access and Disability Rights
  • – Employment Discrimination and the Workplace
  • – School and Peer Mediation Training
  • – Fair Business Practice
  • – Employment Discrimination and Reentry
  • – Immigrant Employment Rights