NYC Housing Providers Must Abide by the Law

NYC housing providers can face serious penalties if they discriminate against housing applicants. The NYC Commission on Human Rights protects applicants by enforcing the NYC Human Rights Law (NYCHRL). Furthermore, providers can pay expensive legal fees and fines if the Commission charges them with discrimination. This article will explore NYC housing providers and the accommodations they need to offer.

NYC Housing Providers
Amalgamated Warbasse Houses in Brooklyn.
Who is Under the Law in Housing?


A housing provider is any person who has the right to sell, rent or lease a housing accommodation. They also have the right to approve a housing accommodation’s sales, rentals or leases. Additionally, the housing accommodation can be constructed or under construction. Some housing providers include:

  • – landlords
  • – managing agents
  • – brokers
  • – real estate agents

It is important to note that brokers and real estate agents are liable for discrimination even if they are only doing what the landlord wanted.

What Kind of Accommodations Do NYC Housing Providers Need to Offer

The Law protects the rights of disabled people by requiring condominiums, landlords and coops to construct accommodation for disabled owners, shareholders and tenants. For example, a landlord could build a ramp at the main entrance of a building to provide wheelchair access. The landlord could also install grab bars in bathrooms so that disabled tenants can get in and out of the bathtub. Another accommodation could involve a policy change. For example, a landlord could allow a blind tenant to have a guide dog despite the apartment’s “no pets” policy.

The Law may require landlords to pay for accommodation. They will only have to pay if the Commission decides that the accommodation is reasonable. The Commission will also decide whether or not the accommodation poses an undue hardship. Finally, the landlord will not have to pay if the accommodation will require significant difficulty or expense.