Oberlo making e-commerce more easy


Oberlo The dropshipping app

With the rise of e-commerce, there has always been the desire to automate. It is believed that more than 33% of all e-commerce sales are dropshipped. Drop shipping has become a major part of the e-commerce sector. The most popular platform for dropshipping is Shopify. Shopify has even tailored an app known as oberlo which is designed to semi-automate dropshipping activities. Oberlo needs to be installed in your Shopify store. Oberlo is a web application. Installing oberlo takes less than 1 minute to install and you will be up and ready. The main function of the app is to make it easy for dropshippers to transfer express products to their own store.
Oberlo saves time
Imagine how hard it would be to add products to your website without the use of oberlo. You would have to copy and paste all those customer descriptions yourself. You will have to look for images of the products save them onto your computer then add one product at a time. The process will probably eat up much of your time. Oberlo goes a step further by allowing you to also add profit margins automatically without having to calculate profit margins on each product.

Oberlo convenience

Oberlo saves a lot of time for an entrepreneur. The app also has features that enable dropshippers to remove products if products are now out of stock on the supplier’s store. This will be helpful as it prevents the drop shipper from selling out of stock items. The basic theory of the app is to offer the drop shipper convenience in every aspect. Aliexpress has cheap products due to the fact that they are usually sold directly by the manufacturer. Dropshippers use Aliexpress for drop shipping because it allows them to add profits to sales. Oberlo serves as a bridging app.