Offering customers free shipping

Offering customers free shipping
Offering customers free shipping

Free Shipping

Online shopping is good in the sense that it saves time and that it is convenient. However there is the problem of shipping physical goods from the seller to the customer. Shipping is a primary challenge for both the customer and the seller. They both need to find a way to ship or receive goods in a short space of time at a low cost.
A research that was conducted by Walker Sands actually discovered that customers require a lot of shipping options when they buy products online. The research found out that free shipping actually drive the customer to buy online. Free shipping as an e-commerce business owner is a good marketing strategy.
A lot of customers often abandon shopping carts due to the high cost of shipping. With free shipping rates you can actually increase the amount of sales that your e-commerce store receives. High shipping rates that are only shown at the end of the shopping process deter customers.
To make your customer more comfortable in buying the product you can actually include the shipping in the price of the product. Even if the shopping cart price will be slightly higher, customers feel more comfortable in shopping in an e-commerce store that does not have high shipping rates. Although the shipping is technically not free, the burden of the shipping rates are transferred to the seller’s profits.

Additional free shipping techniques

Another technique to grasp the attention of your customers and not deter them is to offer multiple shipping options. Free shipping can be added if a customer is buying stuff that exceeds a certain price. You can also offer fast delivery as another shipping option.

Free shipping and free pickups

There are some instances where the e-commerce store has a brick and mortar store. In this scenario you can offer free pickups as an option instead of free shipping. This will make your deliveries more flexible. You can also increase sales by increasing the order value that customers have to make in order to receive free shipping.