Why People Love Adobe Photoshop

People Love Adobe Photoshop
People Love Adobe Photoshop

People love Adobe Photoshop because it allows them to transform pictures. More importantly, people love to transform pictures of themselves. With social media and online dating sites becoming more popular, perfecting an online public image is more important than ever. The following explores how Photoshop allows people to transform themselves:

Photoshop Makes People Hot

In a matter of minutes, Photoshop transforms average-looking people into beautiful people. Fashion magazines make this evident. On almost every page of a fashion magazine, you’ll find images of perfect-looking models.  These models are probably beautiful, but no one is born flawless. Digital artists have touched up the models with Photoshop. The following are some Photoshop enhancements:

  • – teeth whitening
  • – waist trimming
  • – leg elongating
  • – blemish and wrinkle airbrushing
  • – cellulite removal
  • – body proportion optimization
  • – make up
  • – skin brightening
  • – hair coloring
  • – nose job
  • – muscle and breast enhancement
  • – eye coloring

While the fashion world uses Photoshop often, amateurs enhance their look for personal reasons. Social media users photoshop selfies and profile pictures to improve their beauty. These pictures are less advanced than the Vogue pictures. Regardless, improvements can be made with minimal effort. The most popular areas of focus are teeth and skin. Additionally, dating site members and actors with head shots use Photoshop. What grabs casting directors’ attention more than pearly white teeth and a creamy complexion?

You still don’t believe in Photoshop’s power? The Internet is full of Photoshop transformation videos. A girl goes from mousy to vixen in less than 5 minutes in Average Girl Transformed into a Hot Girl. Before the transformation, her unruly hair and pointed bone structure make her seem unapproachable. Afterwards, her softened features and silky tresses make her seem warm and inviting.

YouTube video

What’s in It for Me? 

While Photoshop is impressive, it’s important to note that perfect-looking people in magazines and videos set unrealistic expectations for beauty. No one is perfect nor should anyone feel that they should be. Photoshop has more to offer than the superficial. People love Adobe Photoshop for art, restoring old photos and much more.

Have you always been interested in how Photoshop enhancements are done? Check out this Intro to Photoshop class, and you’ll learn how to make photo altercations as well as digital art!

People Love Adobe Photoshop