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Shopping on Instagram

If you are searching whether Instagram and its one billion users can help grow your business?
If you have a Woo-Commerce store, you have even more opportunity for buying things. Instagram  makes it simpler than ever to move people from your photos to checkout.
Note: Buying things on Instagram is currently only available for physical products.

Unlock the Power of Shop able Posts

Shopping on Instagram allows you to link pictures on your Instagram account to things for sale by adding tags. It’s a natural fit for e-Commerce stores:

  1. Sell organically:

It doesn’t always look or feel good to add prices and sales pitches to beautiful lifestyle images. Shopping on Instagram creates an immersive storefront with subtle, organic visual cues — look for the white shopping bag in the top right corner of posts, designed to show clients a post is shoppable.

  1. Highlight product details.

Shopping posts give customers what they need in your Instagram feed. Tapping a post pulls up key information and prices, making consideration smoother.
Tapping white spaces on shoppable posts pulls up key info and prices.

  1. Clear simple way to buy.

In the event that somebody chooses they like your item, they can tap Shop Now to go straightforwardly to your store.

  1. Supercharge revelation:

Amy Cole, head of item improvement at Instagram, says the shopping device means to bring the “outlook of disclosure” to organizations. Items discover their way into the Search and Explore tab and before purchasers you may never have achieved something else.

In only three stages — see, tap, shop — everybody perusing Instagram can turn into your clients.

Note: To be qualified for the Shopping on the Instagram highlight, you require an Instagram business account. This requires endorsement, and certain nations are at present barred. Take in more at: How to get endorsed for Shopping for Instagram.

Instructions to Set Up Shopping for Instagram for WooCommerce

To utilize Shopping for Instagram, you require:

•        A WooCommerce store situated in a Shopping for Instagram nation

•        A Facebook page for your organizations

•        An Instagram business account

You originally set up a Facebook page and list, from where Instagram gets your stock, not your live store.

Join or convert to an Instagram Business account, interface your Facebook item list, ask for endorsement for the Shopping highlight, and presto!

Presently it’s a great opportunity to tag: Choose photographs you need to highlight, tag up to five items for every picture or up to 20 items for each merry go round, and include channels or inscriptions.

For well ordered guidelines, look at our documentation on utilizing Shopping on Instagram with WooCommerce.

Make something like nine shopping posts on your Instagram business profile to initiate the Shop tab for your group of onlookers.

Making Smart Use of Instagram: Tediber and HandBuilds

Tediber is a French organization reforming the top notch sleeping cushion advertises. They offer their sleeping cushions online with Woo Commerce and tag these and different items in their Instagram posts. Tapping one of these posts pulls up more data, and tapping View on site takes the customer to their store to look at.

Handbuilds is a spic and span high quality cowhide products business. Proprietor Rémi is utilizing the Shopping on Instagram labeling highlight to ensure his current devotees know his items are available to be purchased!

HandBuilds is a fresh out of the plastic new business as of now utilizing Shopping for Instagram. It’s never too early or past the point where it is possible to begin labeling

Tips for Shopping on Instagram Posts

•        Tag numerous items to enable your gathering of people to investigate and peruse

•        Use Instagram Stories to demonstrate your group of onlookers that they would now be able to shop your posts

•        Leverage distinctive shopping groups – label a solitary picture or various pictures in a merry go round

•        Ensure that each label contacts the right item, so customers know which item the label alludes to

Use the intensity of Shopping on Instagram for your business

Promoting on Instagram isn’t for all organizations, yet it works splendidly for specific ventures especially e-Commerce — because of Shopping on Instagram!

On the off chance that you choose to try it out, leave us a remark and let us know how it goes. What’s more, make sure to label @WooCommerce in your Shopping posts so we can perceive what you’re doing!