Product page

Product page

Create a picture-perfect product page

The landing page is the most important page of the e-commerce store. This is due to the fact it is where the customer lands and judges your store. Your product page is very important. There are a lot of ways a customer might land on your product page. There might land on your product page directly from a search engine or after browsing your store. It is therefore of paramount importance that you create an amazing page.  There are certain properties that your product page has to poses.

Understand the Components of Great Product Page Design

Before explaining how you should optimize your product page, let us focus on an example of an amazing product page design. All page design components are important and they must fit in properly on your e-commerce store.
You should optimize your product page to ensure that it can be found with relative ease.
Your page should pose enough information to instil confidence. Confidence is probably one selling point that you would not want to miss out on.

Design your product page well

You will need to design your page in a manner that will provide an amazing shopping experience. Usable stores tend to attract customers more. A user-friendly page is a prune to also do the same thing. There are ways to improve the visibility of your store so that it is easy to access by customers. The page should have as much as 10% giving information to the customer about the product they want to buy. It should also include pictures and videos.

Breaking down the product page

The product page should have a product title which is easy to locate and view. When designing this part of your product page imagine street signs and buildings. Good signs make it easy for people to navigate around. This is the same thing with titles and overviews in e-commerce.