Rate of tech adoption

Rate of tech adoption

New tech adoption

Tech adoption by the public has always been a major problem in the past. The rate of adoption by the majority of the population was often slow in much of history. Imagine how many years it took for people to start using telephones. It took the general public more a century for the telephone to receive more than fifty million users. However over the years the rate of adoption of technology has vastly improved. It took only 9 months for Facebook to receive more than one million users. Some analysts have attributed this to the reduced costs of major technology and growing global wealth. This reduced cost of technological devices have ensured that a large amount of the population actually afford what is being sold to them.

Tech adoption online

Most people have become focused in the adoption of online tech. This may be due to the increased demand of products that solve modern tech problem. For instance accountants are constantly in need of tech that actually helps them calculate and formulate balance sheets. Inventing such an online platform will help people internationally. Having international presence also helps in the number of people who actually visit your site and use the technology. There are what we call early adopters which include the first people to actually use the new technology. These are the ones who will determine the quality and usefulness of the new technology. If the technology doesn’t strike a core with these then it will not succeed in gaining world wide support.

Marketing and tech adoption

Another critical part of tech adoption is marketing. It is another determining factor on whether or not an e-commerce business is going to be successful. Successful e-commerce business know how to market themselves to the public. People need to know that your technology exists if it’s that good.