Referral marketing

Referral emails

Referral marketing that works

Referral marketing is a complex marketing technique. However if you find good marketers you might be able to score a high rate of sales. Referral marketing tends to involve three people. The first is the seller, the second is the customer and the middle man is the marketer. To explain referral marketing in simple terms lets first imagine that you are selling something online. If you have no experience in marketing your product you can start a program that offers the marketer a percentage if they make a sale.  A lot of people might question how the seller will know that the referral marketer actually made a sale. The systems that are in place in the modern e-commerce sector are so advanced that they can pick up certain sales and where they come from. This is usually done by offering the marketer a link which when clicked will direct the potential customer to the seller’s site. When a purchase is made it is recorded in the system.

Referral marketing techniques

A referral marketer should have a unique platform where they sell their products. Referral marketing techniques need the referrer to be trusted by the audience. Imagine how people trust celebs when they post something on the social media page. The marketing should actually blend with the referrer’s content. The best way to actually attract customers is to start by referring friends and family. This is due to the fact that these people actually trust you.

Email referral marketing

The use of email is very common when it comes to referral marketing. This is due to the fact that emails play a very integral role in referral marketing. Most people you are able to refer a product to when using email are people that you know.