Remember these 10 things about Online-To-Offline Marketing

Most effective methods for internet marketing

Remember these 10 things about Online-To-Offline Marketing

Links picked by GeoMarketing this week:

5. The importance and uniqueness of Influential marketing for B2B marketers

In recent years B2B marketing strategies are making social media influencers as core of their marketing strategies. As influential marketing is gaining popularity more abd more businesses are following the trends as said by Richard Wong.

4. How to survive the retail apocalypse?

Foursquare’s how-to guide for designing the Mall of the Future

3.Amazon Prime Day Set For July 16 — What Does It Mean For Retail?

According to the eMarketer, brands and sellers selling their products on Amazon are trying to get the advantage of Amazon’s Prime Day shopping event even though the fact that Amazon has a huge success with Prime Day

2. How to build a brand voice? The significance of Sonic for Today’s Marketers

According to Pandora’s Lauren Nagel “Sound is our fastest sense. It’s hard-wired into us, and that’s also the driver of its cognitive simplicity.”

1.Targeted Audio Ads Smart Speaker to be provided by Adobe after teaming up with TuneIn
When asked the question of why adobe id introducing audio ads at smart speakers now?  The Adobe Advertising Cloud’s Siddhant Bhatia said, “Almost 80 percent of audio is consumed in places that visual media can’t reach users,”