Reward programs

Reward programs
Reward programs

Goodies your customer’s will actually love

E-commerce customers love freebees. This means that as an e-commerce business owner you should start giving your customers free stuff. Even if you give them cheap products you should also give them free stuff such as shipping or gift bags.

Free Samples reward programs

Free samples are typically well suited for drawing the attention of your customers. Customers often trust sellers who offer them free samples. If you offer a customer free samples they generally get the idea that your business is a legit and high quality business. Whether you are in the food or cosmetics sector, there is a huge benefit of offering samples. Samples are usually good for business to business e-commerce model. Before the customer orders the entire bulk of 500 TVs they need assurance that the TV’s are high quality and they actually work. Samples tend to strengthen customer loyalty and assure them of the quality of your products.

There are French cosmetics giants that use free samples in order to attract and retain customers. The most common French cosmetics company that does this is Sephora. The best part is that the company allows customers to select three different items for sampling. The company has noticed that samples that are chosen by customers actually receive the highest sales. This case study in a good example of how customer car and service personalization can increase your sales.

Loyalty reward programs

Customer loyalty indicates a customer’s willingness to use a brand repeatedly. Loyalty doesn’t just show preference to a brand but it shows that customers have grown attached to the brand. Loyalty is due to good customer services on the side of the e-commerce Company and good customer experience on the side of the loyal customer. If a customer gets good value for their money they are most likely going to be loyal customers. New customers have to be convinced to become repeated loyal customers. You can do this by offering a loyalty program.
Customer loyalty indicates a customer’s willingness to patronize a brand repeatedly. Loyalty is a result of positive customer experiences, and the value the customer gets from each transaction. New customers don’t become repeat customers automatically, which is why you should try a customer loyalty program. Before considering your own ecommerce loyalty program, ask yourself what benefit it will provide and what will motivate people to sign up.