Salad Your Way E-commerce

Salad Your Way E-commerce

Salad Your Way E-commerce

Overview of e-commerce

Salad Your Way is basically a website. It functions by permitting its users to customize salads built in glass mason jars. All you need to do is to pick a vendor, order salads and enjoy healthy meals all week.

Goals, requirements, and outcome of the project

Salad Your Way is the multi-vendor E-commerce application. Interestingly, it has option to register yourself as vendor and sell Salads. Then, you will come across an approval process while registering new Vendor and hence Vendors can log in and update their details but they cannot publish the product until they complete the approval process. Moreover, they have the ability to track the approval process also.

Type of users

The types of users vary from some anonymous to login users to vendors, deliveries, webmaster and admin.

  • Anonymous – these users can see the vendors and products.
  • Login users – these can see the products and book.
  • Vendors – they can add the products and get the order from the customer and handle the deliveries.
  • Webmaster
  • Admin


Order and Delivery

Orders from customers will be directly received by vendors and they can do the complete order updates and tracking from the application. Moreover, users are given the option to choose the delivery specific day/date while placing the order.

Custom Salad feature

Vendors, furthermore has another option to create a, ‘custom salad form’ which has ability to add list of available ingredients. Also, Vendors can specify the price for each ingredients while Customers can select the needed materials and get the total cost of salad and place order.