Same Day Delivery

same day delivery

The concept of e commerce business was based on the fact that the customer will receive the product at her doorstep without getting out of her home. E commerce businesses have always been facing the challenge of arranging seamless logistics for delivery and pickup for cancelled orders.

A study by Accenture showed that 64 percent of e-shoppers want speed to be critical in their shopping experience and 6 out of 10 customers are willing to pay extra for same day delivery. However, only 15 percent of the e commerce market can provide same day delivery. The gap in the demand and supply is quite evident to show that much needs to be done by e commerce businesses in the arena of delivery.

More number of delivery options offered by businesses simply puts customers at ease, be it leaving the shipment with a neighbor or picking it from a neighborhood drop-off point. Same day delivery is still in nascent stage in terms of it being offered by ‘number’ of companies. Generally, any customer wants her order to be delivered as soon as possible and some of them are willing to pay extra for same day delivery. Amazon Prime started the concept of same day delivery which is now offered by several other businesses like Google, eBay, Uber etc. In select cities, Amazon has been experimenting with drones for delivery in 30 minutes.

Less the time it takes for delivery, more the difference between online and offline shopping is blurred. In fact, if you are lucky to be in an area covered by Amazon Prime Air, you get the delivery within 30 minutes without getting out of your home. The delivery factor of an e commerce business is one major differentiator for customers to choose between different options. In-time delivery provides a great experience to the customer thus driving the sales volume of e commerce businesses.