Shopify is the Huge E-commerce Tool in Canada’s Legal-Weed Market

Weed Market

Shopify indulging in the legal-weed industry

A report issued by the Canadian Press “in the Canadian province of Ontario, many e-commerce giants allow online sale of the legal-weeds in the cannabis markets. These markets have a partnership with the retail crops”. In this regard, Shopify is got into indulging in the legal-weed industry.

Cannabis Markets is the E-commerce Giant

The Canadian province of Ontario has a population of 13.6 million in which Toronto which is the largest city in Canada is also included. Hence this is a huge market for e-commerce business. In a report from Deloitte, “Canada’s cannabis Market earn $8.7 billion annually from the legal-weeds only from the Ontario because it covers one-third of Canada”. These weeds only sold on the Cannabis markets, no private owner sold these weeds on his personal dispensary.

How to Use Shopify E-commerce Giant

The OCRC (Office Central for the Repression of Corruption), is the secondary provincial government’s Liquor Control Board of Ontario also use Shopify to online and via mobile sale their liquor. Shopify also used for manage transactions, display product information on iPads and HR & inventory.
The CEO of LCBO said in a Canadian Report that; “we are trying to join the expertise and retailers to generate Shopify’s the excellent e-commerce solutions to deliver our services secure, reliable and informative, which our client expected from us”.

More Plans for E-commerce Cannabis Markets

The OCRC plans to open 80 cannabis shops in summer 2019, which goes to 150 shops in 2020. But these plans not successful in order to fulfill the requirements of legal-weed. That’s why Shopify is the best option in providing the online sales where OCRC plans don’t work.
More, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau said that they would legalize the cannabis after July 1. In this way, Shopify shares are up to 8% hence 28.86% they’ve gained this year.