Social media catastrophes

Social media catastrophes

Social media catastrophes to avoid

There are certain catastrophes that you need to avoid in e-commerce. One of the first catastrophes is social media. Social media can be a minefield for e-commerce businesses. It is sometimes awkward to chat on e-commerce platforms with customers. One wrong move and you lose sales. This means that as a seller you need to be very vigilant. You can sometimes post a funny meme that would offend people. People have different cultures and beliefs this means that you will have to be careful every step you take on social media. You can’t afford to lose a single customer. Social media is the minefield you can’t avoid passing through. This means that you will have to use social media in order to market your products and engage with customers. It is very hard to survive without a strong social media presence. There are several social media catastrophes to avoid.

Social media catastrophes: Don’t get into an argument

One of the most important objectives of social media for e-commerce is to interact with customers and improve their experience in the process. You should never get into an argument with a potential customer. This will tarnish the reputation of the business. Several people will buy from your site if you gave them a good social media experience. If your brand is widely publicized on social media it will receive a lot of followers and customers. It is a good thing to reply to customer’s feedback on social media. Large brands also do it. You can limit your engagement to thumbs up and thank you for comments.

Social media catastrophes : Don’t varnish

You should avoid varnishing on social media if you intend on generating sales for your business. You should post persistently. This will help tell your customers that you are still available. BuzzFeed posts a lot of content on their platform.