Start on e-commerce

Start on e-commerce

Why start on e-commerce

When most people think about starting a business they don’t think about first starting their business online. There are certain reasons why you should start a business online before opening a traditional retail store. When most people think about starting a business they first want to start a traditional retail business before starting an e-commerce business. This post is going to highlight the main reasons why you should start on e-commerce first. We will highlight the advantages of e-commerce over traditional retailing.

The advantages of starting on e-commerce

Starting on e-commerce is a good thing for any novice retailer. This is because it requires a minimum amount of investment. However when you start a traditional retailing store you will first need to start an e-commerce store. There are many advantages of starting on e-commerce. The most obvious advantage being rental space. When running an e-commerce business you can start from your basement or redesign a room and turn it into an e-commerce warehouse. This will save you a lot on rent.

Start on e-commerce and avoiding a lot of problems

When you start your business online you avoid a lot of problems that require technical knowledge. These problems include paying for electricity and other utilities. Hiring an employee and seeking local government permission. In e-commerce there is no need of seeking local government permission. You can simply set up shop in your home. Traditional retailing comes with a lot of regulations that you would want to avoid as an e-commerce retailer. For instance your local government authority might need a special permit in order to facilitate a certain type of business.