Text messaging

Text messaging

Text messaging and e-commerce

Text messages are an old form of communication. They have existed during the early days of the mobile phone. Nowadays they are commonly used to communicate where voice communication is not necessary. People actually feel braver when saying certain thing on text messages than voice calling. Let us first explain what really text messages are. Text messages are messages that are sent via mobile phones to another mobile phone. They are different from voice messages in the sense that they need to be written down. E-commerce businesses have taken it upon themselves to use this form of messaging in order to market their businesses.  Messaging plays a huge role in e-commerce either than just marketing.

Text messaging and e-commerce security

It is hard for someone to get in touch with both your login details and your phone. This has led a lot of tech companies to use what is known as two factor authentication to verify any financial transaction in e-commerce. A text message is usually sent to your mobile phone with a code to verify if you are the one performing the transaction. This method is common whenever a financial transaction is involved. This is by far one of the most secure ways to determine authenticity of the transaction.

Text messaging and e-commerce marketing

The most popular uses of text messages in e-commerce nowadays has become marketing. Texting has become a way for companies to contact and get responses from prospective customers. For instance you can get customer’s numbers and text them if there is a new product that they might be interested in. Texting might also be used to answer customer’s questions. This helps build trust in customers. The more that customer’s trust your brand the more sales that you are going to generate.