The best e-commerce business model

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Business to Business model e-commerce

Business to business e-commerce is the kind of online business where businesses sell to other businesses. Alibaba is one kind of e-commerce platform that caters to business to business e-commerce. Suppliers or manufacturers sell their products to other businesses. This kind of e-commerce business is wholesale. This is due to the cheap prices of goods on Alibaba. One reason why goods are so cheap on Alibaba is the large minimum purchases required. For instance, a plate might cost 0.10 cents per piece, but you are required to buy a minimum of 1000 pieces.

Business to customer model

The business to customer model is a type of e-commerce business where businesses sell their products to end users (customers). Popular e-commerce marketplaces that conduct such business models is Amazon, Aliexpress, and Walmart. Such type of business is very common in the e-commerce universe. This form of business model is very competitive as any small business can enter the market.

Customer to Customer business model

Customer to customer business model has become very common. This is a model where individuals sell to other individuals. The most common marketplace for this model is eBay. eBay has more advanced customer to customer business functions. The customer to customer business model has created a scenario where sellers can auction their unwanted stuff online.   Customer to Customer business model has also been popularised by peer to peer financial technology such as cryptocurrency and PayPal. PayPal is integrated into eBay peer to peer e-commerce

E-commerce Auction business model

The auction business model is the by far the most unpopular form of e-commerce business this is mainly due to the lack of knowledge in the model. Most Auctions are done conventionally. The kind of e-commerce is mostly for the fixed real estate. eBay also facilitates this kind of business model.