The good and bad side of e-commerce

The good and bad side of e-commerce
The good and bad side of e-commerce business

E-commerce has shaped the modern marketplace as we know it. Electronic transactions have had a lot of impact in every aspect of our lives. The good and bad side of e-commerce business should be thoroughly observed before you start an e-commerce business. Many traditional retail companies’ closed shop in 2017 due to e-commerce competition. It is important for businesses not to be speculators and to look beyond the media hype for e-commerce.

The good side of e-commerce business

There is the good side of e-commerce business. E-commerce business eliminates geographical limitations. Nowadays someone in India can purchase an iPhone directly from the United States. E-commerce businesses have got an international advantage over brick and mortar retailers and sometimes they help connect the global economy.
There is nothing that bores customers than having to stand in a straight line for minutes. This is the time that you can use fruitful whilst doing something else. This is probably the best part of e-commerce business. Ecommerce business saves the customer a lot of time.
Another good part of e-commerce business is the lower cost of maintenance and rent. Due to the fact that the upkeep of an e-commerce store is so low, it would allow the business owner to sell the products at a much cheaper cost.

The bad side of e-commerce business

E-commerce business has a bad side too. It has drastically altered the way we do business. It has also taken away the personal touch that customers are constantly looking for. Traditional retailing tends to have the advantage of offering customers a chance to have a realistic feel of the goods before they purchase the goods from the store, this makes the whole experience even more compelling. Imagine the idea of buying a new deodorant without having the chance actually smell the deodorant.