The health sector and e-commerce

E-commerce role in the health sector

The health sector

The health sector is a constantly growing sector. Some of the largest companies have emerged in this sector. For instance United Health Group. The health sector in the United States is actually very expensive. This means that companies have to charge a premium in order to have patients treated. Health insurance is also very expensive. It can cost around $5000 USD per year. For an average American this is very expensive if you consider that some families have more than five members. This has prevented a large number of people from getting covered as far as health is concerned. The health sector actually offers opportunities for many small businesses such as pharmacies. Pharmacies can actually offer certain medication online. Therefore they can cut the administration costs. American health services has a lot of administration requirements due to the large amount of paperwork that has to be filled. This means that pharmacies offering their services online tends to help a lot. This actually cuts the costs of medication for the customer.

The health sector employees

Another factor that causes the health sector in the United States to be so expensive is the cost to hire stuff. People in the health sector have studied for many years. It takes more than 14 years to train a surgeon. The salary for a surgeon is more than five hundred thousand per year. This is higher than what the president of the United States actually gets paid. Top surgeons even demand more from their companies. The cost to hire employees in the health sector is another reason for such high costs of health. The best way to avoid this is to reduce the amount of administrative stuff. This will ensure that only the necessary stuff are actually hired.