The new iphone from apple

The new iphone from apple

The new iphone

There is no doubt that people have already started speculating around the internet about the new iphone. There have been reviews on YouTube about the new device. A new iphone is actually a huge frenzy around the world. The iphone is probably the most iconic phone of the 21st century. With its simplicity and relatively easy to use interface it has captured the imaginations of vast amounts of people. September is the release month that Apple always seems to release new iphones. Every year there is an iphone released. This has created an idea that the iPhone is a classy and superior phone. Its use by celebrities in the United States has made it the largest profit generator for apple.

iPhone XS

A lot of sources have actually claimed that the new iphone will be called the iphone XS or ten X. This name comes after apples second line of phones called the s-line. For instance the iphone 6s and the iphone 5s. This has led to many analysts to say that apple now has a naming problem. This is due to the fact that they are now more predictable with their naming practice.

Apple making an affordable new iPhone

Apple is now making affordable iphones. There is not much that is known on why this is happening but there is evidence that the giant phone maker is now making affordable phone lines. With the iphone XS there is going to be a much cheaper iphone being released in order to capture another sector of the smart phone market. The pricing of these iphones haven’t been released but iphone is also set to release the iphone 9 which is thought to be much cheaper than the iphone X which was released last year.