The role of virtual assistants in e-commerce

virtual assistants

Virtual assistants in e-commerce

The e-commerce sector has come with a lot of demand in terms of labor. Labor demands in the form of online employees. Virtual assistants are the most popular e-commerce employees. Most companies that have an online presence need virtual assistants. Especially medium and small e-commerce companies. The reason why the number of virtual assistants has grown is due to the need for cheaper labor. E-commerce business owners selling to the US market prefer hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines due to their affordable hourly rates. The cost of living in those countries is generally cheaper. You can hire a Philippines virtual assistant for only $500 per month. This is not possible with United States employees as it is below the minimum wage.

Virtual assistants duties      

The duties of a virtual assistant are those e-commerce duties that are performed online. For instance, responding to customer’s live chats can be performed by virtual assistants. A virtual assistant can also perform tasks such as fulfilling customer’s orders online. This is important especially if you are running a drop shipping business. Certain virtual assistant duties may include e-commerce marketing. This is the most important task you can allocate to a virtual assistant. Social media marketing is intensive and you would need a virtual assistant to be posting every day on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Virtual Assistants Job

Virtual assistant jobs are typically very competitive. This is due to the high rates of unemployment in countries where English is spoken as a second language. This makes virtual assistant jobs highly lucrative. It is better to earn $500 a month in South Africa than to remain unemployed and receive nothing. Virtual assistant jobs can be found on job classified sites like indeed or craigslist. You can also find virtual assistant jobs on freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr.