Three Ways Copy Can Lift E-Commerce Conversion

Three Ways Copy Can Lift E-Commerce Conversion

Three Ways Copy Can Lift E-Commerce Conversion

E-commerce is much more than only optimization and functionality. Copy is one of the most important factors to produce effective e-commerce sites which is often ignored because of design gimmicks and other tactics to engage customers. Copy is something that portrays your products. So in my opinion, copy can actually optimize e-commerce conversion rates. Here are three ways make use of copy.

1. Write for your target audience.

It’s a common practice that marketers write in a language that is not much appealing to the customers because it is mannered in language as to please the brand and not the customers. In short, the language is guided by the standards set by the company or the CEO instead how it should be to appeal the buyers. Copy on your e-commerce should be in a tone as if you are communicating with your customer face to face. This manner of language will impel the audience to know further about your website.
While writing for your buyers, remember the type of the product and the audience buying the product. For an instance, an electronics business will try to convince the rational side of the buyer and will try to come up with facts,specification,results ,etc. The customer will be interested to know the detailed features and performance information of a machine. On the other hand, a fashion site will target the customer by presenting style, new trends and information about prices. The buyers of different categories will have a definite nature which will help the business to create content according their needs.

2. Choose powerful words and phrases.

As marketers, we become too focused on our products and the way we advertise them. We are not even concerned with the fact that how wonderful the product can be for the customer. All we talk about is the quality and benefits of technology, medical products or cosmetics. We talk about our products in a tone that is very ordinary and redundant.
Such brands soon shut off because customers can see that. They need to be convinced but through a unique and excited way. So, just hold on for a minute, and take a wider look of your brand, its scope and what it offers to the customers. How your company affect lives? Does it make it easier for people to make decisions? How it makes a difference in improving health of their family? Is it helpful in creating financial future or is it just a fancy thing?
You need to be excited while presenting your product. Use words that can influence your customers to buy the product. Make use of powerful phrase that can hit people’s emotions or make them feel good.

3. Let your customers speak.

One part of copy conversion technique comes all from your customer’s side. All you need to do is just share your customer’s testimonial on your page. This will not only help you to tell the audience that your product is worthy but also it makes your customer happy.
Customers are not always going to believe what you say about your brand. They will consult other people who have already used the product and are satisfied with the purchase. Although, testimonials had already a place in the market but social media has also played a major role in this regard. In this way customers can easily endorse the brands by liking and commenting on the product.
Copywriting and e-commerce conversion rates are interlinked and following just few simple ways can make e-commerce effective. Targeting audience properly, making use of unique words and images and sharing customer testimonials are some important elements for impacting conversion rates. One important rule that you need to remember is to keep core of your brand and brand promise at the front of copywriting.