Tips on Growing your E-commerce Business on Instagram

Tips on Growing your E-commerce Business on Instagram

Tips on Growing your E-commerce Business on Instagram without spending a single dollar

With over 800 million active users each month on Instagram, if utilized efficiently is a great social media marketing platform. Regardless of the fact that it has grown drastically over the period of time, it is still very easy to use and gain followers on this social media site.
Here are few a tips for you to growth your brands on Instagram without paying for any advertisement.

Decide your Feed’s theme and include brand images

It is very important to decide a strategy on what your feed’s theme will be because it’s very important to have an aesthetically appealing feed to attract followers. The pictures and the post both should be perfectly flawless. Some strategies can be to use the same filter through your feed or to change the brand’s product shot into a lifestyle shot. Your Instagram should tell a story through the images so stick to the strategy religiously once decided.
The Founder and CEO of Jane Hudson, Kristin Celano says, “As a women’s apparel company, for us it’s about showing real women in our styles. At first we focused on polished, controlled images with hand-selected models, and while aspirational is still a strong tactic for Instagram, user-generated content is just as important, if not more.”

Keep in Mind the Rule of Third

The second thing is to not be overly promotional as it could be annoying at times and make sure to keep a balanced and un-biased message to your followers. To do so, pay attention to the Rule of Third which composed of three types of post

  1. The Promotional Posts that are all company related
  2. The Conversational posts that engage and encourage your follower to comment and talk. This type of posts usually include giveaways, contests etc.
  3. The third type is the Sharing posts where you share information related to the industry or any other cross-promotional news with other bloggers, companies and also your audiences.

Make your products more shop-able by Tagging

TO have a better and a clear vision about your brand and to attract customer tagging your products is very important. Instagram has this new feature that allows you tag product in the same way that you tag people in the select countries option.
The process of transferring your social channel into a sales channel you have to carry out few simple steps. Here are few to help you get started.

  1. On your business page on Facebook make a shop section and connect that with your Instagram page and add all your products to it.
  2. It can take few days till you get the notification on your Instagram about tagging products. Wait till then.
  3. Now the last step is tagging the product. While doing so you will see list of all the product that you have on your shop on Facebook.

Save up Time by using effective Hashtags

The right use of Hashtags can give very powerful results on Instagram. Hashtags help attract customer by allowing the content to appear in search results.
If you want to save your time, just do a so pre-research about hashtags. One example would be to save the most important hashtags and use them on a daily basis. You can also make lists of relevant hashtags for different categories.

Make sure to use hashtags that are most fit for the post and as the trends change very quickly, always make sure to upgrade your list of hashtags. Do not use too much hashtags and which are not relevant. Always make sure to keep in mind the customer experience.
While taking about the difficulty in finding audience, Liz Funk and Co-Founder of And We Evolve said,

“We search hashtags relevant to sustainable fashion and recycled clothing to connect with users who have similar interests and may be interested in our mission. It’s very time intensive, but it’s also really gratifying to make Instagram friends who often convert into customers”.
Use App to create the perfect Instagram Feed
Managing a popular Instagram account can be very hectic and time-consuming.  Planoly and Later are some handy social media planner that can be helpful in managing your Instagram feed with the help of their drag and drop feature. You can use them to make visually pleasing layouts.

Also so familiarize yourself with the third-party app rules that Instagram have and accustom youself with Instagram terms and conditions

Observe your analytics of e-commerce

One way to increase engagement is to pay close attention to your Instagram analytics. See which post got the most likes, what makes it different from other posts, check your comments and see what your audience is demanding from you. You can also see your audience presence under the audience tab by hours which can help you with planning your future posts. It also helps you understand your viewer’s preferences. Paying attention to all these things can help you increase followers and will increase engagement.
Engaging your customer is all you want
Engaging with your audience is important and you can do that nu commenting and liking other people’s posts. This will guide them to your page. And if you like and comment and give your honest review to others they might start liking, commenting on yours and there are also chances of them following you back.

Many people take the easy road and purchase likes and followers because they think it to be  the easy way to become popular but in reality in reality it can cause more damage than good. We should not forget that Instagram never reveals their criteria for deleting or suppressing an account. So account with fake likes or purchased followers have the most likelihood of being shadowbanned. So it’s best to be honest and take your time and gradually you will see the results.