Truth about a digital nomad lifestyle

Truth about a digital nomad lifestyle

Digital nomad lifestyle

A digital nomad lifestyle is unimaginable for many people. Even people who do digital stuff that is remote cannot put up with a digital nomad lifestyle. A digital nomad is an individual who does remote work or business using digital devices such as PCs and mobile phones. Due to the fact that the work is digital and location independent the digital worker can travel around whilst working. The lifestyle can be challenging for some, however, for adventurers, the lifestyle can be the best. All digital nomads work remotely. They use the internet for all their business. This means that as a digital nomad you will need reliable devices to use whilst traveling the world. Most digital nomads look for locations that are affordable to live whilst having a high standard of living. They are looking for a convenient living.

Digital nomad lifestyle convenience

Convenience is one of the major factors that influence location. There is a reason why some cities are highly favored by digital nomads than others. Even if it is cheap to live in Lusaka Zambia many digital nomads choose not to live there. There are many reasons why it would be a bad choice to live in Lusaka Zambia. The first reason being the lack of proper amenities. As a digital nomad, you are looking for a location that has proper infrastructure, proper housing, politically stable and has the rule of law. Most Americans prefer locations that have the products that they are familiar with. This means that a location with uber, McDonalds, or KFC will definitely be a good location.

Digital nomad lifestyle and crime

Since you would be far away from home most digital monads want to travel to a place which has a low crime rate. This is why many digital nomads prefer a place like Chiang Mai in Thailand.