URL – How Important Are They

the importance of URLs

The importance of URL (Uniform Resource Locator) has increased manifold as most of the businesses continue to adopt e-commerce. Apart from being a gateway of an e-commerce website, URL also serves the customer in navigating to different departments in accordance with the hierarchy of the website. From the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective as well, the keywords in a URL makes a world of difference in the search engine’s page ranking. Some points which e-commerce websites should consider to get the best out of their URLs are below:

When a customer navigates to a particular brand of digital watch on an e-commerce website, the URL should be able to contain all this information in itself rather than looking like a weird combination of letters, alphabets and symbols. In other words, it should be in a format which is human readable. This also helps the web crawlers and search engines in web indexing and thereby providing the optimum ranking to the website.

The URL must be short. Though there are a number of URL shorteners available, it is a good idea to keep the URL short and not stuff it with unnecessary words for SEO benefit.

Some symbols when encoded to ASCII, becomes a completely different output of what they initially were. Moreover, letters in lowercase are different from those in uppercase when it comes to forming a URL. Therefore the best practice is that URLs should be formed with all small letters to avoid these kinds of confusion.

How the URL ends is important as well. For example, if your business is committed to positive changes for the planet, you can go for the .eco extension instead of a very regular .com extension. You need to make a commitment to environmental action to get this extension and the environmentally good part will reflect in your URL.