Value of Ecommerce/online shopping rose in 2017 in Italy, going up to 24 billion Euros

Value of Ecommerce/online shopping rose in 2017 in Italy, going up to 24 billion Euros

E-commerce/online shopping has an outstanding worth in Italy

Many new changes are taking place in the European states, one of them being the values of online sales in Italy that increased up to two times in the past four years thus resulting for 6 percent of the total retail industry, the retail online industry itself having a worth of 24 billion Euros.
Ecommerce had an outstanding worth in Italy, going up the value of 24 billion dollars that is an estimated 19% increase. One of the reasons the worth took a rise would certainly be the changing of the consumer habits.

Online shopping results in the closing of 63,000 stores since 2008

People place comfort before anything in today’s times and so the Italians prefer to shop online rather than going to the stores physically. Due to such factors, the shops have suffered great loss, around 63,000 shops closed up due to the suffering of economic crises and online shopping trend.

Types of goods mostly purchased through online shopping

  • Tourism (31 percent)
  •  IT (22 percent)
  • Electronics
  • Music and films (11 percent).
  • Books

Offline and online shopping integration:

There should be a compromising manner through which online and offline shopping can compete one another because the economy could suffer more loss If more shops are starting to close down. Carlo Sangalli stated that Online and offline commerce must be unified and there need to be rule that is applicable to everyone for companies to compete on equal terms and taxes.

Fabio Fulvio who is the current director for the development policies also agreed to Carlo’s statements and further added that the unification would further help each other as not everyone buys from the online stores. However, it’s a way to handle the unbalance of economic crises through offline and online shopping.