Voice search in e-commerce

Voice search is becoming an integral part of e-commerce and modern technology

Voice Search in e-commerce

User engagement is shifting due to technological advancements. There is now a growing need for primary virtual assistants on the internet.  People are using advanced technology to find answers to their search related queries. Today the market has 4 well known virtual assistants these include Alexa by Amazon, Google Assistant by Google, Siri by apple and Cortana by Microsoft. These competing tech giants all have SEO related tech being developed.
A lot of engineers and computer industry leaders have shown that there is a desire by internet enthusiasts to use voice searching methods. This means that tech companies and e-commerce companies, in particular, have to tailor their SEO content towards voice SEO. The voice SEO technology is still in its early stages. Therefore as an e-commerce store, one needs to tailor the Voice content to direct customers to their site.

Voice Search

If you want to improve your online presence you need to improve voice Search engine optimization. An investigation by the company MindMeld discovered that over 60% of Americans have once used voice search in 2016.

Why do people love Voice Search?

People voice search in order to ease the typing complexities. However, for some people voice, searching is the only way they can give proper instructions to search engines. This is specifically true about disabled people who cannot see or have no arms. Ordinary people on the other hand love voice search because of the ease of use that it offers to them. Also when performing house duties such as laundry or cooking, there is no need to stop focusing on what you are doing and start typing. With the advancement in technology, it would become easier to just click the voice assistance app and call the police or an ambulance. It is also important for e-commerce business owners to start developing voice search engine optimization tools.