Want to grow your Business through email marketing?

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Want to grow your Business through email marketing? Here is what you are looking for!
Just take a look at these five email marketing tips to help boost your sales.

It’s difficult to decide a marketing strategy to invest in when you own a small business. After all, there are a number of ways to promote your business through social media, blogging, press releases and via video sharing channels. However, according to research the most preferred way by the customers to get marketing material is through email. You can expect $44 for every one dollar you invest through email marketing strategy.
Here are some guaranteed tips for best email marketing that can help you to extend your small business.

1. Make signing up easy

You can’t boost your email list only by giving a sign up button on your website. To get more subscribers you should add a form on your website which can help people to subscribe easily. You can add it on your homepage, within the blog content, on the sidebar or at a place where people can easily find it and subscribe. This will also engage people with your content on website.
You can also use exit intent technology to send an instant message when people are about to leave your website to give them another chance to subscribe.

2. Offer an incentive

To persuade people to subscribe you have to offer something in return such as a special coupon or an e-book because people are more interested to subscribe when they get something in return as it gives them an impression that this offer is valuable and you are not concerned with their money.

3. Vary the content

People get offended when they realize that the marketing material they have received is mere a promotional content. You have to make your subscriber feel that the content you’re sharing with them is worthy and valuable.
Take a look at some of the different types of email content you can send:

  • Events:

You can invite your local customers to an event you’re conducting at your business.It could be a seminar or a demo of a product.

  • Product/Service Information:

Inform your customers about the product that you have recently launched or a new service that you are going to offer which can make them excited.

  • Newsletters:

Newsletter is another way through which you can share all kind of information with your customers. Share the marketing content without being sounding overly promotional. Also provide links to your online shop and website to increase your sales.
People usually avoid promotional material but that doesn’t mean that they are not interested in knowing about new sales and exclusive deals. In fact, CTR can be enhanced by offering coupons and free shipping via email.
4. Segment your email lists
You cannot get away with your task of email campaign by sending out the same emails to everyone on your email list as once it used to be. Nowadays, customers appreciate personalized emails,so this practice of sending out blast emails has been declined over the years.
You can categorize your email list into groups and send personalized emails and important content to your valued customers. This way you can get a boost on your clicks. For example, you can write one type of email to the group of people who have recently placed an order and a different kind of email to the ones who are new subscribers or haven’t checked your mails yet. Keep in mind not to make all of these mails promotional otherwise the purpose of segmenting email list will not be served.
It has been found that welcome emails produce 320% more income than promotional emails. So, build a relationship with your customer than can help you to grow your small business.
5. Always include a call to action
Even if you don’t mean to persuade people to make a purchase you should not miss to include a clear call action while sending an email campaign. Engaging people by assigning them to do something increases engagement with your website, content and business.
Here are some ideas that can give you greater number of clicks to your CTA button.

  • It should be visually clear and attractive.
  • Keep it short up to five words or so.
  • Give action oriented directions which can help people to know what to do. For example (“Click Here”, “Download Now”, etc.)
  • Your CTA should be easy to locate within your email’s content but don’t let it copy from the actual content of your campaign.

Making people to open your email is just a beginning. If you want to grow your business, you have to make an effort to make them read the content you are sending.
In conclusion
Email marketing is very helpful if you want to expand your small business and succeed in your way. But for this you need to work on making email list and email campaign. This would drive people to your website and make purchases.
Use email marketing strategy as your main business strategy, find out the needs of your customers, and provide it to them through email. You yourself will see how fast your business is growing.