Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing guide

Imagine opening a brick and mortar store before the advent of the internet. It was a hard thing getting out the word about your establishment. You will need to get the word out first to the people in the surrounding neighborhood. It was not an easy task because you needed to either use a lot of resources or work very hard. The best you could do was to place an ad in the daily newspaper. Another thing you could have done was to use local radio stations to advertise your products or business. If you didn’t do this your business wouldn’t stay open for very long.
This is also true about merchants in the modern era of electronic commerce. There are other ways to increase your sales than using pay-per-click advertising and SEO. Another effective method that is often overlooked is affiliate marketing.

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate marketer in simple terms is a business partner that helps drive sales to your e-commerce store. Affiliate marketing involves advertising and revenue sharing. This means that an affiliate marketer only gets paid when you make a sale. What happens is that an affiliate signs up to your store’s affiliate program and they are given a link that they share to potential customers. They can use emails, social media platforms or their own website to share the link. If a customer purchases something from the store the affiliate receives a percentage of the revenue.

Finding and Recruiting an Affiliate

It is important to provide lucrative incentives in order for affiliates to join your program. The best way to attract a lot of affiliates is to offer a high percentage rate if sales are generated. You should also market your affiliate program very well in order to attract affiliates.