Apple products are the most popular

Apple reaches a trillion dollars

Apple products are the most popular e-commerce products

There is no doubt that you have seen apple’s dominance over the years. Apple has managed to account for more than 3% of all online sales. Considering that apple only sells products that it makes you can clearly see the dominance of this company in the e-commerce space. Even on other e-commerce platforms apple products have managed to be the top selling products. This is due to their global popularity. Unlike products that are produced by other companies apple products tend be highly sought after. Most people have stated that their simple but good looking interface makes them highly sought after. The highest selling apple product is actually the iphone. It accounts for more than 70% of its revenue and more than 90% of apple’s profits. Although apple doesn’t sell more phones than Samsung it still accounts for more than 80% of the profits of that smartphone industry.

Apple products are expensive

Most people have stated that apple products are actually very expensive. They are too expensive when you compare them with the products of its counterparts such as Microsoft computers and android phones. This might be a turnoff for most people, however apple has proven that this is its bestselling point. A study has actually proven that people do not like cheap stuff. There is the association of cheap stuff with poor quality. Expensive products are often thought to be of better quality. This is true about iphone when it first burst into the scene. Most phones where inferior to the iphone.

Apple products are top selling even on other e-commerce sites

E-commerce sites such as Amazon and eBay have also recorded that apple products are top selling. The iphone 6 is one of apple’s single biggest success.