Augmented Reality

Shopping with mobile app augmented realityOne of the biggest dilemma when a customer is using the e commerce platform to buy something (for example shoe) is that she doesn’t know how would the shoe look upon her. Would it look good or just look okay! Though a number of E commerce businesses have the option of accepting returns without questions asked, this unnecessarily increase the hassles on both sides. On one side the business has to arrange logistics for reverse pick-up and on the other side, the customer has to be present at the premises to return the product and order a new one and so on and so forth.

Augmented Reality superimposes the required content on existing reality, thereby modifying the view of reality. In practical terms, if the business can incorporate this feature in their mobile app, the customer when looking at her feet with the mobile phone, can see the superimposed shoes on her feet. She can do the trials with different shoes and this will be helpful in arriving at a decision and placing the order. This can be applied across different industries, for example, when considering buying a furniture, Augmented Reality can be used to not only get an impression of how the overall look will be, but also the customers would get a broad idea of furniture and the setting around it ‘to scale’.

Augmented Reality provides the customer an In-Store experience with customer sitting at home. Different 3D objects can be superimposed on various spaces with the customers getting a good hang of how different settings will look like after the product is purchased. The only aspect which businesses should bear in their mind is a systematic implementation of Augmented Reality in their products which really require this technology. This is important because the implementation of AR often comes at a hefty price.