Do you want to grow your E-commerce Business?

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Do you want to grow your E-commerce Business? Use Brick and Mortar Strategies

E-commerce is rapidly growing causing brick-and-mortar businesses to suffer. Consumers spend money on online shopping mainly because it’s convenient. On the other hand, sales in brick and mortar stores are showing a downward graph primarily because of lack of innovation in the space. There is no change in working of the stores since the arrival of online stores. The bankruptcy filing for retail sector is approximately 662 in 2017.
In past, the salesperson would directly deal with the customers to assist them while shopping but now the service levels have declined significantly. Low sales and low budget goes parallel thus hinders good service. For this reason, e-commerce is flourishing as people have started to prefer online shopping for convenience.Brick-and-mortar stores are becoming an old system but certainly, their sales techniques are useful.
You can’t get the experience that physical stores offer through online shopping. Here are some ways to use brick-and-mortar strategies in e-commerce to grow e-commerce sales.

Product Marketing Is The New Front Line

Today, people don’t like to have a salesperson around them while shopping for they like to have an uninterrupted shopping experience. Moreover, they already have much information about the product so they don’t really need help of a salesperson.
In case of e-commerce business product marketing is the frontline. In physical stores salesperson greets the customer, in e-commerce marketing should serve this purpose. Interactive websites, engaging home pages, and smart marketing campaigns should be used to grow sales.

Treat Your Home Page Like Display Windows

The physical stores analyze the sales report to know the prime location of a product where it can get more attention of the customer such as front windows and ranks. Such strategies increase the sales. Similarly one can use this strategy in e-commerce as well. The homepage of a website should give a pleasant experience to the consumer. Refresh your display and make it more exciting for your client so that he can come back to you over and over again.

Virtual Fit Assistants Are The New Fitting Rooms

Online stores don’t offer their customers the comfort of checking their sizes hence 40% of the sales are returned because of the sizing issues. Introducing a virtual fit assistant where the size of the customer can be predicted based on buyer’s height, weight, bust size and other personal likings can definitely be a perfect strategy to help this issue of sizing. Previous purchase history from other retailers can also help to find the right fit.

Utilize Retargeting Like Catalog Mailers

Sending print catalogs to customers used to give a large number of customers to brick and mortar stores and it significantly increased their sales. Nowadays, people are more into internet and one can use the electronic catalog in replacement to the print catalog. We now can easily find what a customer is looking for. Based on that we can show them the right product in front or target them with the product they had shown interest in before. This strategy can be really significant in increasing orders by the consumers.