Professional business network

Professional business network

Ways to kill your professional business network

Let’s now focus on business networks. These are some of the most important networks in e-commerce. Let’s be honest about business networks. No one wants to ruin their business networks at any point. When trying to build business relationships there are small mistakes that you can encounter. This post is meant to address these mistakes and prevent you from making those fatal mistakes and destroying your credibility. Killing these business networks is like destroying vital bridges. We will mainly be focusing on habits and things that people need to master in order to avoid killing their professional business network.

Kill your professional business network through talking too much

As an entrepreneur you should always estimate how much your intended business partner wants to be listen. You should become more of a listener than a talker. Most people make the wrong assumption that talking is the only way to build professional business networks. Unfortunately this too can kill professional business networks. Business partners should feel that you are listening to them more than you a re talking. When talking you should be able to convince your network within 90 seconds. This is how much time you can take to convince them to continue. After this you will most likely become boring to them.

Kill your professional business network through asking for a favor in return

Don’t do something for someone then ask a favor from him in return. I am sure you have been in a situation where someone asks you to do something, then you immediately ask them to do something for you in return. This will make you kill your business networks.

Kill your professional business network by putting people on the spot

Putting people on the spot is another sure way of killing your business network. It usually creates some awkward moments.