E-commerce market

ecommerce market
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E-commerce market trends

The e-commerce market has drastically changed the retail sector. Years ago be for the rise of the e-commerce market, the success of a business greatly depended on location. Now due to the digital era, even the smallest retail business can have a global presence. This has drastically altered the business landscape. E-commerce has changed the way business is done whether is business to business or person to person. Even the way we auction products has now been drastically changed. Long ago we used to auction products for large gatherings. Now the whole process has been digitized by the e-commerce market.

E-commerce market and online retail

The largest sector of the e-commerce market is the online retail market. This has caused the e-commerce market to improve drastically. According to the US commerce department the online retail sales where around 194 billion US dollars. This number increased by 2013 to 243 billion US dollars. The e-commerce retail market is dominated by a few companies. It is estimated that 50 retailers account for more than 75% of this part of the e-commerce sector. E-commerce market consumers have become more tech savvy. Much of the online retail sales are conducted during the holiday period.

E-commerce market and its effect on advertising

Digital advertising is set to overtake television advertising by the year of 2019. Already digital advertising now results in more e-commerce market sales than television advertising. Digital advertising is dominated by only two companies, Facebook and Google. The mobile sector still accounts for a smaller segment of the e-commerce sector. However, it is the fastest growing e-commerce market.

How the E-commerce market has affected business to business     

It is no secret that the e-commerce sector has also had an effect on the way businesses do business with each other. Some of the largest companies in the business to business sector are infrastructure and network construction companies. Their growth has been driven by the ease of finding them on the internet and requesting quotes from them.