Facebook data scandal and its effects

Facebook data scandal and its effects
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Facebook Data Scandal

Facebook data scandal has had its effect on the e-commerce sector. The e-commerce sector depends a lot on data collection. This is the kind of data necessary for the marketing and product creation sector. Without such vital data, e-commerce marketing will be almost impossible. Recently Facebook has been involved in a data scandal. Cambridge Analytica harvested data from more than 50 million Facebook users without their consent. The data was used in specifically targeted political propaganda. This is viewed by most people as a breach of trust on the part of Facebook.
In the e-commerce sector, this data scandal has made it more difficult for online digital marketing companies to acquire the necessary data for specifically targeted marketing campaigns. Facebook and other data companies have increased their security and restricted data mining companies’ access to personal customer’s access.

The Data scandal and its effect on e-commerce marketing

The data scandal has greatly affected the way data is captured for the purpose of use in e-commerce. Facebook marketing depend so much on customer’s data for specific targeting. E-commerce marketing has been affected greatly by the data scandal. On Facebook, individuals can now choose who views their data. This prevents third-party users from gaining access to user’s data.

Facebook Data scandal as interpreted by the public

The public strongly believes that Facebook illegally shared data with a third party app made by Cambridge Analytica. Facebook is facing a public relations storm over its handling of the data scandal. Although Facebook has apologized people believe that Facebook was careless in handling people’s personal information.

The role played by the Facebook data scandal in e-commerce  

The data scandal has played a major role in reducing people’s trust for an e-commerce website. People have become cautious about entering their real data on any website. This creates a challenge for e-commerce entrepreneurs as they have no access to critical data for marketing.