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Conversion Rate Optimization – 3 Ways to Maximize your Business

Conversion Rate Optimization: Let’s meet up for a presentation and some refreshments!

Hey New York eCommerce Meetup Fans!

We’re excited to announce that we have an upcoming e-commerce networking event on conversion rate optimization. In case you were wondering, conversion rate optimization (or CRO for short) is a method that increases the amount of  website visitors who become customers. The following are three speakers who will be sharing their valuable knowledge:

1) Tyler Hudson-Crimi – CIO, ShopTalk, Inc.

Tyler is a part of a company that has redefined the nature of advertisement. ShopTalk enables shoppers to  share product and retailer information with friends while offering them discounts on their purchase. Additionally, ShopTalk offers retailers a broad range of information about shoppers–such as  gender, age, location, and sales trends.

Tyler attended the University of Notre Dame where he majored in Finance and completed the Hesburgh Program of Public Service. He has experience from the DC Office of the Attorney General-Civil Litigation Division, a fixed-income hedge fund and two private equity funds. In addition to ShopTalk, Tyler also founded a landscaping company in New Jersey and a New York based consulting firm that focuses on digital strategy for small businesses and professionals. He would also like to manage a venture capital fund some day.

2) Tal Weber – VP Global Strategic Partnerships, QuickLizard

QuickLizard was created after the co-founders realized that they had a problem managing different customer types and competitive price tables for hundreds of locations.With 3 products for pricing analysis and management, QuickLizard helps companies to monitor a large amount of product prices without the complexity. QuickLizard is the only solution in the market which includes:

  • – conversion rate optimization pricing intelligence
  • – personalized landing pages (where a customer “lands” on your site)
  • – personalized campaigns
  • – SKU-level analytics (the analysis of a specific item stored to a specific location)
  • – fully customized pricing optimization and optimization capabilities as a standard (an analysis that determines how customers will respond to different prices and services)
3) Shaun Harmen – Lead Project Manager, Hara Partners

Shaun is a part of a full service company that has built more than 200 online stores. Hara Partners brings companies to new markets while helping them to engage audiences. Shaun will share unique insights on e-commerce product page optimization, including effective tools that can help streamline the user experience and take advantage of specials and offers. Applicable across a variety of industries and product types, his knowledge will help you reimagine the role of product pages in the context of your company’s web presence.

Beer and snacks will be served. Can’t wait to see you all!